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"I really like the self-learn sessions so far, especially the quizzes and the fact that they're a mixture of fact based and applied/maths questions."


"Good to be able to be given challenging questions, and then an explanation if it doesn’t make immediate sense."


"Dr Belding’s methods were second to none, I learned a lot from him.  Having everything summarised in four days helped link everything together."


“I am still using the question pack to this day, a week after completing it. Dr Belding was also very, very helpful and made sure to stay interactive and answer any questions asked by the students.“


“I think the interactive learning materials covered the part of the course I found the most difficult, and the way of explaining electrical cells using animations made it much easier to understand the concept."


“Having a teacher to ensure and support the understanding of the topics ensures that I am not taking misunderstood information with me to answer questions incorrectly.”


“I am pleased to report that my child really enjoyed the course, which she found helpful. She particularly enjoyed the low ratio of students to teacher which allowed her to ask questions.”


“The teaching was very good and tailored to what I needed. The study materials were also very good at explaining key concepts and applying them.”


How it Works

  • Each course lasts for approximately 40 hours over five days and can be accessed fully online
  • Courses run from April 1st through to the 31st of May at regular intervals
  • Students will have access to our unique and exam-specific online learning content -> View sample here
  • Course content encompasses study skills and examination practice
  • Small, focused class sizes of 6 to 8 students

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Course Dates and Pricing

All students receive up to 40 hours of high quality teaching.


Rugby School Onlines innovative and flexible model allows you to book onto a course at a time that suits you, between the end of March up to the start of examinations in June.

31st March to 3rd April
4th April to 7th April
8th April to 11th April
12th April to 15th April
16th April to 19th April

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