Welcome to our products page, where you can explore a range of learning options to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a self-paced, on-demand course to work through at your own pace, or a live course in the form of a masterclass or sprint finish, we have something to suit every learning style and schedule. Take a look at our course offerings below and choose the right option for you.

Self Paced Courses

The self-paced courses offers video clips with expert teachers who have a deep understanding of the subject matter. These teachers provide clear and concise explanations of the topics, using demonstrations and animations to illustrate key concepts. In addition, the courses includes self-marking questions that allow students to assess their progress and understanding of the material.

The courses can be used as a supplement to any revision approach and includes a range of exam-style questions that can be revisited as the student’s understanding grows. By using this course, students can be confident that they are receiving the best possible education and preparing themselves for success on exams.

Live Courses

If there are subject areas that you would like extra support with, our 60-minute live teacher-led Masterclasses are a great option. These classes are delivered in a large-group format to maximise participation, but they also include an interactive element where students can ask questions and receive answers as the class progresses.

Additionally, our 2-day Sprint Finish Easter courses are designed to provide a boost for the final stages of revision before exams. These courses cover key topics from the entire syllabus and are taught by expert teachers, providing students with the extra help they need to succeed. By participating in these courses, students can improve their understanding, boost their morale, and increase their confidence before facing the challenges of the A-Level exams.


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