Proud to partner with ZNotes

ZNotes addresses the uneven playing field of standardised testing with a student-empowered and technology-enabled approach for content creation and peer learning.

Their mission is highlighted by their powerful mission statement “We’re on a mission to end educational inequality for young people everywhere.”

Zubair Junjunia developed ZNotes as a way to level the uneven education plane by providing global access to high-quality and precise notes for educational examinations. While studying for his iGCSE exams, Zubair faced the problem of incomplete resources. Coming to terms with an uneven playing field, 16-year-old Zubair did what he could: he put together a WordPress blog and shared his own revision notes there. Steadily, the blog started reaching more people through word-of-mouth and eventually, other students began to reach out to contribute their own resources.

Seeing his friends experiencing the same issue, he realised an even deeper problem: students worldwide face the same international examinations, but are subject to disparities in their grades due to an uneven distribution of academic resources. Lack of access to education underpins the high inequality gap. Exam results at the end of high school have a huge impact on the course and university one can attend. Students with a better education tend to enter competitive universities and consequently acquire better jobs.

Aligning with UN SD4 (quality education), ZNotes has the vision to end educational inequality for young people everywhere. ZNotes fosters a dynamic community-led online learning platform that empowers students to maximise their potential and become global changemakers. Currently, ZNotes is being run with the help of 40 other interns who volunteer their time.

Now ZNotes is revolutionising how students learn together with student-built content and a global community of students engaging in peer-to-peer learning and support. They enable students to maximise their potential with unlimited free access to the highest-quality educational content – all built for students, by students.

Through word of mouth, ZNotes has received 28 million website hits, reached 3.8 million unique visitors, has 155k+ registered users, and a Discord community of over 15k members. ZNotes began with a single student’s revision notes and efforts to run the website, to now having 100+ student contributors and a team of 40 volunteers who support the organisation’s day-to-day activities.

Rugby School Online have made our resources available FREE through Bursaries to many in-need ZNotes users to help alleviate the inaccessibility of education that underpins the high inequality gap.  We recognise that exam results at the end of high school/sixth form dictate the course and university one can attend which, in turn, can affect career prospects. Lack of support and social capital is highly restrictive in one’s educational journey. The ideology is that students who have had a high-quality education are more likely to enter competitive universities and as a result secure better jobs with greater job security in the long run.

Rugby School Online are also offering special subsidised rates to ZNotes users to access our world-class revision materials and courses. We are currently planning for our own Rugby School students, who are keen to contribute to the platform, to spend an evening with Zubair.

Learn more about ZNotes here!